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Because today’s business environment is fast-paced and electronic-oriented, consistent and effective outreach to new and existing customers will be the difference between success and failure. There is no ‘silver bullet’ so successful outreach must encompass many components. Think of your marketing program as a wagon wheel. Having an effective website would serve as the inner hub to which all traffic would be directed. Each spoke would represent individual components, such as social media or email campaigns, that would direct new and existing clients, represented by the outer wheel ring, to your site for engagement. IIr provides a wide range of marketing outreach services to help you achieve your goals.

  • Email Marketing – Email campaigns are an effective way to get information out to targeted groups of potential and existing customers. Working together, IIr has the ability to create and implement email campaigns that utilize eye-catching design and direct language to promote your message.
  • Social Media – Social media is an effective and relatively inexpensive outreach component that can promote your business and increase its online presence. Social media sites allow you to communicate with your existing and potential customers and create opportunities for engagement. IIr has the ability to create and administer social media sites that feature eye-catching design and serve to influence visitors to view your website. We will help your company create effective postings that encourage response from your customers and advertise your company’s benefits and personality.
  • Advertising – Advertising placements, another essential component in an effective outreach program, ensure that your message is presented to the broadest potential target audience. With years of experience in both print and electronic platforms, IIr Associates has the capability to design and create whatever best advances your efforts to influence potential customers — from a complete marketing plan, to a specific campaign, to a single display ad for either print or electronic placement.
  • Electronic Publishing – Expanding your outreach could also include such vehicles as an electronic newsletter, an electronic journal, an electronic magazine, or possibly a blog. IIr Associates works with its customers to design, create, update, and post a variety of publication types that will display a positive and effective message about your company to its customers and increase your company’s brand and marketplace