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Business Development

Business development is actually a combination of many different things under one umbrella, but typically is presented as an extension of a marketing plan. However, in the real world, effective business development encompasses not just standard marketing approaches, but also both internal and external planning and activities.

So how do you create an external outreach campaign or determine what resources and logistics are involved or what type of planning is required? This is where we come in to work together and design solutions. At IIr, we know that effective business development solutions, both internal and external, will be as unique as your business. Working as partners, IIr has the capability to provide the professional resources needed to dovetail both the internal and external facets of any campaign.

There are many external opportunities available to enhance your business outreach such as:

  • •  Sponsored webinars
  • •  Sponsored product and training seminars
  • •  Product and training video creation and posting
  • •  Project case studies and related video creation
  • •  Trade shows or other exhibition type events

There are also several internal opportunities available to enhance your business outreach such as:

  • •  Campaign analytics analysis
  • •  Customer database mining
  • •  Contact database mining
  • •  Website analytics analysis

At IIr Associates we strive to provide the team atmosphere needed for efficient and successful outreach campaigns. After all, your success is our success! So let’s get together for a free consultation and discuss your questions and concerns!